Secure & Flexible IT Support For SMEs

Hydrus Enterprises removes the tech headaches to provide your business secure, cost effective and flexible IT systems. View our range of IT services below:

Backup & Recovery

Back up and restore your files and data easily with cost effective solutions

Team Cover

Have IT cover in place for when your staff are sick or are on holiday.

Hosted Services

Hosting services include websites, emails and off site back ups.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing allows your team to access internal data resources remotely via the internet.

Security Services

Protect your business, data and team from cyber threats with our affordable security services.

Office 365

Unleash the full potential of Office 365 for your business with Hydrus Enterprises.

Tailored IT Solutions & Services

Our IT solutions are tailored to startup businesses, small businesses and charity organisations in Northern Ireland.

Startup Businesses

We work with startups in Northern Ireland to find scale-able solutions on a tight budget.

Small Businesses

We work with small businesses to find flexible and secure solutions for their growing team.

Nonprofits & Charities

We work with charities and nonprofits in Northern Ireland to find them affordable IT solutions.

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We Remove The Tech Jargon

We offer a wide range of IT solutions to meet the needs and requirements of small businesses, startups and nonprofits in Northern Ireland. Our friendly team of experienced engineers will work with you to understand your aims and goals and find you the best solution for your business. We understand that not every individual is as tech savvy as our experienced team. That's why we break down the tech jargon into easy, digestible nuggets of information, to allow you, your team and board members to get involved in the planning and feel secure in the decisions you are making.

Why Choose Hydrus Enterprises?

Hydrus Enterprises is the first choice for SMEs, nonprofits and startup businesses in Northern Ireland.

One Solution

Hydrus Enterprises gives your business one simple and expandable solution for your IT services. Our engineers have over 35 years experience and have managed a wide range of budgets, whether you are a startup or medium business with a £4m budget – we are here to find the best IT solution for you.

Fast Response Times

Hydrus Enterprises are always fast to respond to any IT problem you face, whether it’s with remote or onsite support. We will make sure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible to get your team back to work with little down time.

Future proof

Hydrus Enterprises provides your business elastic and flexible IT solutions and services to allow your business to scale with your company. This keeps your system secure and cost effective for many years to come.

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